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Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng speaks at a news conference in Beijing on Aug 24, 2017. [Photo/mofcom.gov.cn]

China"s Ministry of Commerce said on Wednesday that India should refrain from abusing trade remedy measures, which would disrupt economic cooperation and trade relations between the two countries.

China is paying close attention to trade investigations and hopes India would carry them out in a prudent way based on relevant regulations, Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng told reporters at a news conference in Beijing on Wednesday.

India, which overtook the United States in the first half of this year with the most trade remedy investigations against China, said earlier this month it would impose anti-dumping duties on 93 products imported from China.

India has launched 212 investigations against Chinese products since 1994 and 93 of them are still in progress. So far this year, 13 investigations have been initiated, according to the ministry.

"China and India are both BRICS members with vast cooperation opportunities and should jointly maintain a free and open multilateral trading system," Gao said.

"Instead of resorting to trade remedy measures and disrupting trade orders, the two countries can settle trade disputes through consultation and realize a win-win situation through expanded economic and trade cooperation," he said.

According to Yao Weiqun, vice-president of the Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center, India is one of the countries that "frequently resorts to trade remedy measures" to protect its local industries.

"In fact, companies from both countries should solve disputes based on WTO"s regulations and settle trade disputes through consultation," he said.

Yao also suggested organizations such as the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and industry associations should strengthen preparatory works in addressing trade friction.

The ministry also reiterated on Wednesday that China would take necessary means to defend the interests of China and Chinese firms against a US trade investigation.

Expressing "strong dissatisfaction" with the US" initiation of a Section 301 investigation into so-called cases of Chinese intellectual property theft and calling it irresponsible, the ministry also aired its firm belief that common ground is much larger than differences between the two countries when it comes to economic and trade ties.

Being different but peaceful, a win-win situation can be available for the Sino-US economic and trade relationship, according to a statement from the ministry.

The government will continue supporting quality, and healthy overseas investments and projects related to China"s Belt and Road Initiative are the top priority, the ministry spokesman said.

The Chinese government released a guideline last week to further tighten the grip on outbound direct investments in sectors including real estate, hotels, entertainment, sports and casinos to enhance scrutiny of overseas investment and avoid investment risks or potential crime.

To further implement the policy, the ministry will strengthen authenticity reviews of overseas investments and improve the overseas investment reporting management system, Gao said, adding that China would push forward legislation to better govern overseas investments.

Mergers and acquisitions by Chinese companies in countries participating the Belt and Road Initiative have increased at a rapid pace, he added.


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